This home seeks to invite stories. The dedication to the narrative is clear from the street, where one is greeted at the gate with a neighbourhood library. This generous and welcoming gesture invites you to open the door, hopefully with the same anticipation that has you beginning a novel.

Mandeville House

With this project we were seeking to balance the creative calm of a gallery while maintaining the personality and warmth that makes a home a place of comfort and joy. Often these spatial descriptions have opposing atmospheres, however, we wanted these spaces to exist harmoniously, simultaneously, at once.

Sussex House

Sussex House is one of several Victorian terrace houses located in the residential streets that bound the Botanic Garden on the inner fringe of the city. The two-storey residence is of modest scale with a grand façade that sits proudly atop the highest point within the local context. The design aims to provide our client […]


In the seemingly remote, granite hills of this northeast Victorian farm, Templeton was commissioned to create a weekend getaway. The house is situated on the same site that our client spent his childhood and is therefore layered with sentiment. The old cottage was removed and replaced with a new dwelling that stretches out, parallel with […]

Little Parndon

Little Parndon was built 1862 and renovated 1866 for Eugene von Guerard. Acquired in 1939 as a townhouse for Lord and Lady Casey  and renovated in the 1950’s; the house was unchanged but by use and the passage of time until acquired in 2013 by the current owners, Past owners’ reputations and the building’s presence […]


Retaining the optimistic façade and the generosity of the original dwelling, Templeton has added to the simple rectilinear form while exploring the decorative possibilities of brick construction commonly found in the architecture of the Art Deco movement. The concept is driven by the format and tactile quality of the handmade bricks. The repetition of the […]

Delatite Station

Delatite Station is one of Mansfield Shire’s oldest properties, constructed in 1890. The main house is thought to be the first brick building in Mansfield. Templeton Architecture was trusted with the restoration and renovation of this grand Victorian homestead.


Embracing the strong arched forms throughout the dwelling and appreciating the delicate beauty of the original windows, Templeton Architecture and Lou Prentice Interiors came together to develop a scheme that enhanced the original character of the home and gave the spaces a sympathetic yet contemporary feel. Despite the scale and generosity of the house, the […]


Sybil is a place for gatherings. The arrangements of buildings across the picturesque site generously provide an escape for family and friends. Implementing a deliberately rural pallet of raw yet delicate materials, we have carefully framed the landscape, providing visual context to each space. Designed to facilitate the clients desire to bring their loved ones together, Sybil becomes […]


Chloé is a romantic name chosen to acknowledge ‘new growth’ in the form of the extension to the established federation home. Gracefully attaching to the original dwelling, the pavilion offers a new direction to live while regenerating the existing; creating a dwelling that is whole. Photography, Ben Hosking


The memories housed within the bones of this classic 1970’s dwelling were ever present during this complex yet rewarding project. Beautifully built by the client’s father, the building remains the physical frame to his childhood. Unsurprisingly the project had an emotional complexity that residential design is often exposed to. Photography, Sharyn Cairns

Tea Tree house

Lying low in the dunes of the small Victorian town of Point Lonsdale, this coastal retreat has been designed as a flat roofed pavilion that sits low within the landscape and gently cascades down the levels of the site. The windows carefully frame the fragile tea trees that are native to the location while the […]


Located in the inner city location of Fitzroy, the challenge and delight of this project was found in blending the grand Victorian façade, the modest original rooms and the contrasting industrial character of the abutting laneways into one harmonious family home.   Photography, Sharyn Cairns


By embracing the iconic volumes of this nineteen eighties home and celebrating its geometric forms​, Templeton have reformed and extended the spaces to create a relaxed and elegant family home.  The interior architecture is minimalist yet warm with consideration given to every detail and selection. The external spaces have been reimagined as external rooms, each […]

Long Lane

Transforming a humble, weatherboard workers cottage into a homely weekend get away was an exercise in embracing the imperfect.  The result is comforting and warm, with a new orientation to engage views of the river and hills beyond.

Garden house

Small interventions to the bones of this charming Georgian dwelling are designed to transform the spaces and celebrate its delightful garden setting.   Photography, Sharyn Cairns


The design captures winter light and creates unexpected and generous spaces behind the façade of this modest, single fronted Victorian cottage. Cleverly conceived storage, an abundance of natural light and playful design details feature throughout this joyful family home.   Photography, Sharyn Cairns


You enter this coastal dwelling between a pair of pitched roofs. Once inside, these forms envelop a private and sun-drenched garden, protected from the prevailing winds. The rooms located around the garden provide spaces for family gatherings. The pitch conceals the second storey, which accommodates the private domain of the master bedroom. The timber cladding […]