Mandeville House

With this project we were seeking to balance the creative calm of a gallery while maintaining the personality and warmth that makes a home a place of comfort and joy. Often these spatial descriptions have opposing atmospheres, however, we wanted these spaces to exist harmoniously, simultaneously, at once.

Sussex House

Sussex House is one of several Victorian terrace houses located in the residential streets that bound the Botanic Garden on the inner fringe of the city. The two-storey residence is of modest scale with a grand façade that sits proudly atop the highest point within the local context. The design aims to provide our client […]


Chloé is a romantic name chosen to acknowledge ‘new growth’ in the form of the extension to the established federation home. Gracefully attaching to the original dwelling, the pavilion offers a new direction to live while regenerating the existing; creating a dwelling that is whole. Photography, Ben Hosking


The memories housed within the bones of this classic 1970’s dwelling were ever present during this complex yet rewarding project. Beautifully built by the client’s father, the building remains the physical frame to his childhood. Unsurprisingly the project had an emotional complexity that residential design is often exposed to. Photography, Sharyn Cairns